What Are the Common Causes of Dental Extractions?

A dentist may suggest pulling a tooth if your teeth are badly crowded or if you have a serious infection which cannot be treated by dental care alone. Your dentist may also recommend tooth extraction if there is a high risk of infection and removing the tooth is safer for your oral and overall health. Keep reading to find out more about common causes of dental extractions.

Overcrowded Teeth
Dentists sometimes pull teeth if the patient has an overcrowded mouth. If your teeth significantly overlap or are too large for your mouth, a dentist cannot place braces to straighten the teeth. Tooth extraction is also necessary if a tooth is unable to break through the gums, or erupt, because there is not enough room in the mouth for it. Wisdom teeth can also crowd the mouth and fail to erupt, which is why these back molars are often pulled.

Infected Teeth
Infected and damaged teeth need to be extracted if the decay extends to the tooth’s pulp. The pulp of a tooth is the center where nerves and blood vessels are located. When bacteria enter the pulp through a damaged tooth, extraction works to prevent the infection from spreading further. While some people are nervous about tooth pain extraction, today’s procedures are quick and result in minimal pain.

At-Risk Teeth
At-risk teeth may need to be pulled if the immune system is compromised. For example, patients who have recently undergone surgery or are going through chemotherapy treatments should have infected teeth removed. Periodontal disease also results in at-risk teeth. Periodontal disease refers to an infection of the gum tissue. If your dentist determines the gums are pulling away from your teeth and loosening them, he or she may advise tooth extraction. Fortunately, denture implants offer cosmetically appealing solutions for missing teeth.

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