What You Need to Know About Wearing Dentures

Wearing Dentures

Dentures are a great way to support your mouth when you have missing teeth. They are easy to remove and can be shaped to fit your mouth just right. Talk with your dentist to see if this kind of treatment is the best for your situation. Many dental patients have success with dentures, and so can you. If you are planning to get dentures in Marietta, GA, continue reading to learn more about what it is like to wear them.

Take Time to Adjust 
Wearing dentures may feel very foreign to you at first, especially if you have become used to how the spaces in your mouth felt before. They may feel bulky and unnatural and potentially cause discomfort in some areas of your mouth. Everyday tasks like talking and eating will require some patience before they feel normal again. Do not get discouraged, however. You will soon become comfortable with your dentures and not even notice them anymore.

Clean Your Dentures Daily
We all have germs, but older dental patients tend to have more bacteria in their mouths. This makes it especially important to thoroughly clean dentures every day. Dentures can harbor all kinds of harmful bacteria in the porous material and hidden crevices. Disinfect your dentures by soaking them overnight in a specialized denture soak. This has been proven to kill up to 99.9 percent of denture germs and bacteria. Thoroughly cleaning your device will help you prevent oral disease and discomfort.

Prepare for Possible Complications
Sometimes dentures can sit incorrectly and rub your gums, cheek, or tongue. In some cases this may cause sores, which can be soothed with warm salt water. If discomfort or pain caused by your dentures persists, you will need to see your dentist. This could be because they are not fitting correctly in your mouth. Your dentist wants your dentures to fit as comfortably as possible. He or she will determine if adjustments need to be made to your dentures. This is normal during the first few months, and adjustments are to be expected.

More Than Just Dentures

We do more than just dentures. Atlanta Dentures is your one-stop dental expert for any dental procedure. We are located near Atlanta, Georgia in Marietta. Book an appointment today!


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