The Different Uses of Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Tooth crowns can be used for several different dental procedures. These dental restorations are great for covering dental implants, replacing tooth extractions, and improving a patient’s appearance. If you want to replace something in your smile, such as a discoloration or a missing tooth, call Atlanta Dentures in Marietta, Georgia right away to learn about the many uses of dental crowns.

Protect a Broken or Worn Tooth

When a tooth has been broken, chipped, or worn down, a crown might be necessary to repair and cover the tooth. A broken or worn tooth can be painful to chew on, so a dentist might install a crown to cover the tooth and restore the tooth’s function.

Cover a Dental Implant

One of the most common uses of a dental crown is to replace one or more missing teeth. An oral surgeon will install and fuse a dental implant into the jawbone to support dentures or an individual tooth. Once the healing has finished, the crown can be popped on and off the implant, as needed.

Anchor a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are another solution to missing teeth. When the patient does not want an implant, the dentist may put crowns on the immediately surrounding teeth to anchor the bridge. The bridge will look and feel like natural teeth, and it will be cemented to the anchoring crowns so it will not move.

Improve a Tooth’s Appearance

Many patients opt for crowns to cover their discolored or misshapen teeth. There are certain crown materials that can be color-matched to the rest of the patient’s teeth—such as ceramic and porcelain. Often, these materials can only be used to crown the front teeth because they cannot handle the force of chewing normally found in the back teeth.

Protect a Root Canal

Often, a crown is associated with a root canal. The dentist or oral surgeon will perform a root canal procedure, and the remaining tooth needs to be protected. He will install a dental crown over the tooth to better protect it and keep the root canal free of infection.

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