Reasons You May Need a Tooth Extracted

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is not usually the first recommended treatment option, as dentists typically try to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. However, some circumstances may warrant the removal of a tooth. Also, tooth extractions are often followed by restorative procedures such as affordable dentures. So before undergoing a tooth extraction, it is important for you to know what follow-up treatment services you may require as well.


An infection of the tooth is often very different from that elsewhere in the body. Because the infection festers in a contained space, it can cause tremendous pressure on and damage to the interior of the tooth. While root canal treatment can often alleviate this pressure and remove diseased tissue, a dentist may advise tooth extraction if he determines that the tooth is too damaged to be saved.

Advanced Periodontitis

Dentists may decide that tooth extraction is the best treatment option should they find advanced periodontitis as well. Early stage gum disease, or gingivitis, is the only time at which immediate dental care can reverse the effects of this condition. Once the gum fibers begin to detach from the teeth, they may start a progressive path to tooth instability and tooth loss. If your dentist diagnoses advanced periodontitis, tooth extraction may be unavoidable, as your loose teeth will eventually fall out on their own. When tooth extraction occurs under the guidance of a dental professional, though, it can reduce the risk of tooth loss-related complications.


Accidents can and do happen that cause irrevocable damage to teeth. Without the protection of a mouthguard, athletes often suffer dental trauma from competitor contact or sporting equipment. However, people of all ages and backgrounds can experience this kind of accident. A serious car accident or fall can both result in broken teeth that are too damaged to save. In such cases, tooth extraction may be the only suitable treatment option. Especially when trauma presents the risk of infection, a dentist may decide to extract the tooth now to avoid more severe oral health complications later.

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