Preparing for an Upcoming Tooth Extraction

Nervous about Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction  is a safe and routine procedure, but some people still feel nervous before treatment. Understanding what to expect from your dental extraction can help quell your anxiety and allow you to get through the procedure comfortably. An extraction begins with an examination of your teeth and gums, and your dentist may administer antibiotics, anesthesia, or both during treatment. If you are interested in learning more about the procedure, read on for tips on preparing for an upcoming tooth extraction.

The first step in any tooth extraction is to design a treatment plan. Your dentist will collect the necessary information by examining your teeth and gums, specifically focusing on the tooth that will be extracted. This will help him or her determine the optimal steps to take in removing your tooth. Your dentist may make use of different types of imaging techniques including panoramic X-rays, which capture all of your teeth at the same time. These techniques help to describe the relationships between your teeth, sinuses, and nerves. It is also important to disclose certain relevant information to your dentist, such as the medications you currently take as well as information regarding your medical history.

Antibiotics and Anesthesia
In some cases, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics for you to take while preparing for your upcoming tooth extraction. This is not always the case, but it is more likely if you suffer from a weak immune system, experience infection during the extraction process, or plan to go through a particularly long procedure. Your dentist may also administer some form of anesthesia, which will keep you comfortable and free of pain throughout the procedure. Local anesthetic will numb the area to minimize discomfort.

Understanding the Procedure
Preparing for an upcoming tooth extraction can be scary if you do not know what to expect, which is why it helps to read up on the procedure beforehand. Your dentist will gently move the tooth back and forth in order to loosen it to the point of extraction. If your dentist is careful, your gums should heal shortly after the procedure.

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