Essential Questions to Ask Your Emergency Dentist

Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency can happen to anyone. Whether it is a sports-related accident, a broken tooth, or some other kind of mouth injury, you will require immediate care. Mouth injuries can progress quickly and cause long-lasting consequences. This is why it is important to waste no time getting into the dentist’s chair. If you need emergency dental care near Atlanta in Marietta,GA, here are a few questions to ask when you contact your dentist.

Will there be any unexpected finances?
Chances are you weren’t anticipating a broken tooth or saving up for an emergency visit to the dentist. When you call your dentist to make an appointment, ask how much the services will cost. Does your emergency dentist participate in your health care plan? What if you are not insured? Inquire about when payment is expected and how they accept payment. Perhaps the dental office provides payment plans to help you.

What are your after office hours?
What happens if you have a dental emergency after hours? When the injury or emergency happens, try to contact your dentist as soon as possible. Some dentists have arrangements with emergency clinics and can refer you somewhere that has an on-call practitioner. Your dentist might also have advice on how to care for your injury until he or she can assist you. It is a good idea to access this information before an emergency happens, just in case.

What emergency treatments do you offer?
You will want to be sure that your dentist does indeed provide emergency care. Ask about your dentist’s experience and qualifications in a variety of dental fields. Once your emergency dentist has assessed your injury or condition, ask what the treatment will be like. Will you require surgery? Will anesthesia need to be involved? Other treatments used for common dental emergencies include root canals and tooth extractions. Ask your dentist about pain management and reduction, as well as how to best care for yourself once you leave the dentist office.

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