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Going Above and Beyond with Your Dental Care

Are you suffering from missing, broken, or decaying teeth? Patients experiencing these ailments often suffer from chronic pain while eating and speaking, greatly impacting their quality of life. In addition to experiencing the physical effects, they regularly speak of a drop in self-esteem due to embarrassment and fear of judgement from others. Over time, gaps in your smile can lead to greater problems like bone loss and infection. These greater issues can cause shifting of your remaining teeth and eventually change your facial structure. Many suffer in silence thinking there is no solution and no way to rejuvenate their smile.

At Atlanta Dentures we believe no one should suffer from missing, broken, or decaying teeth. Full mouth dental implants are the solution you’ve been searching for! We’ve proudly served patients all over the Marietta, GA area and helped them achieve their smile goals. Full mouth dental implants and full arch dental implants are permanent teeth replacements that look and feel like your natural teeth. Unlike temporary tooth replacement solutions like dentures, which require adhesives, replacement, and regular maintenance, full mouth dental implants can rejuvenate your smile to what it once was. Let us show you how dental implants can change your life! Schedule your consultation appointment with us today.

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A New Smile with Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants and full arch dental implants have changed the way dentists approach smile reconstruction. Breakthrough protocols and technologies have allowed us to provide our patients high quality dental implant care. We proudly offer the groundbreaking All-On-Four to Six protocol to our dental implant patients. Eligible patients looking for full mouth dental implants and full arch dental implants can benefit from this cost-saving, less invasive technique right here in our office. Our dental implant patients can achieve their dream smiles in as quickly as one appointment after their initial consultation.

Dental implants are made up of three components: the post, the abutment, and the restoration. The post is placed directly into the jawbone and acts like the root of a natural tooth to stabilize and support. Dental implants have been known to provide additional support to the surrounding bone and help prevent bone loss. The post is topped by the abutment, which extends past the gumline and serves as the connection to your restoration. Your restoration will be customized and created to fit you. Our state-of-the-art lab will take factors such as skin tone, facial structure, and tooth shape into account to ensure your restoration appears natural.

The Proof Is In Our Patients

How Does the Dental Implant Process Work?

At your consultation, your dentist will discuss your smile goals, complete an examination, and take the necessary imaging. The consultation is the perfect time to talk to your dentist about your concerns and questions, as well as how your lifestyle is impacted by your current ailments and what you are hoping to achieve with treatment. Dr. Daniel Van Galder is an expert in All-On-Four or Six full mouth dental implant. During your surgery, Dr. Van Galder will strategically place four to six implants directly to the bone. A form of dental anesthesia is common for full mouth dental implants and full arch  and will be discussed during your appointment. Once your implants are inserted, a temporary restoration will be placed, and your full mouth dental implants are finished!

It is common to have a small amount of bleeding and swelling at your implant sites, however your dentist will advise the best post-operative care and healing should be complete in a few weeks. Once healing is complete, your dentist will place your final and permanent restoration during your last appointment. Atlanta Dentures features a state-of-the-art lab capable of creating customized restorations within a short time frame. As a result, our patients do not have long wait times between appointments. A minor adjustment may be made during your final fitting to ensure the best fit, but your implant journey is officially complete.

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Choose Us for Dental Implants

Atlanta Dentures is ready to help you through your dental implant journey! Our team is highly trained and ready to tackle the unique needs of every patient. Your dental health matters to us and we believe in providing our patient’s affordable dental care. We offer a variety of financing options to help make full mouth dental implants affordable. Our finance team is available to answer questions and walk you through the financing process. Simply contact us directly or during your consultation appointment to learn more. Atlanta Dentures is ready to restore your smile and you deserve to have the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Our Patients Tell The Story Best

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