Taking a Bite Out of Denture Myths

Dentures have been an effective tooth loss treatment option for centuries. These devices, which dentists often recommend after tooth extraction, can replicate the look and feel of natural teeth and allow users to eat, speak, and smile as they once did. Despite their widespread use for many years, dentures continue to be misunderstood. If you have recently undergone tooth extraction and require restorative dental services, it is especially important to understand the truth of how dentures work and what benefits they provide.

Dentures are painful.

The mistaken belief that dentures hurt most likely stems from those who either did not get correctly fitted dentures or did not properly maintain them. When fitted appropriately and cared for as recommended, dentures are not painful. Should you decide to get dentures, you must follow up with your dentist once you receive them. Your gums can experience changes after tooth extraction that may alter the way your dentures fit in your mouth. However, with minor denture repair, your dentist can enhance their positioning and make them comfortable to use. Also, you must regularly soak your dentures to avoid shrinkage that may also cause discomfort during their usage.

Only older people use dentures.

Dentures are not meant for a particular demographic. Seniors often encounter more dental issues, as they generally have accumulated more years of wear and tear on their teeth. For this reason, they may wear dentures at a higher rate than younger adults. Yet when tooth extraction or tooth loss occurs, dentures become a viable treatment option no matter your age. It is up to you and your dentist to decide the restorative dentistry measure that best suits your health needs and personal preferences.

Dentures look unnatural.

Before modern cosmetic dentistry practices, many dentists made dentures from materials such as ivory, bone, or even wood. As a result, many dentures were conspicuous to others. Today’s dentures are very different than those used centuries ago, though. Specialized equipment and technicians can now create dentures that are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. So when you wear them, only you and your dentist may ever know that they are not real. Especially when the alternative is gaping holes between your remaining teeth, dentures can give you back the beautiful smile you want.


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