Understanding Different Denture Types

Missing even one tooth can have a big impact on your mouth. Not only do missing teeth take away from the aesthetics of a smile, but they also make it more difficult to talk and to chew. Dentures can solve a wide variety of oral issues and help patients regain the mouth function they had with their natural teeth. If your Atlanta dentist suggests that you use dentures to fix your teeth, you should use this guide to learn more about the different kinds of dentures that are available:

Immediate Dentures

Sometimes the dentist needs to extract a tooth after you suffer a dental emergency. If this happens, he or she will use immediate dentures to temporarily cover the area until you can get a permanent denture. This temporary flipper protects your gums as they heal. Once the healing process is complete, the gums are strong enough to hold the permanent dentures in place.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing one or more teeth, the dentist might set you up with partial dentures. Cast metal partial dentures are designed to provide optimal strength and durability so you can regain function of your mouth. Partial dentures give you natural looking results that help you restore your confidence in your smile. They can be used to replace missing teeth on the upper and the lower part of the jaw.

Full Dentures

Dentists use full dentures for patients who are missing a lot of their teeth. They can use premium or custom dentures to offer patients natural looking results. Custom dentures offer the best fit so patients can have the most comfortable experience with their dentures. With the proper care, dentures provide a long-lasting solution to conquer the side effects of missing multiple teeth.

If you are missing teeth, talk to your dentist about the different kinds of dentures so you can find the right option for your needs. Getting dentures helps you restore the beauty of your smile and regain full use of your mouth.


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