Tips for Recovering from a Tooth Extraction

Although it is usually a last resort for a dentist, there are certain circumstances that require a tooth extraction . With the proper care, your gums should heal completely after the extraction is complete. If your Atlanta dentist has to pull one of your teeth, use this guide to figure out how to recover from the procedure:

Follow Your Dentist’s Instructions

The dentist should give you some instructions about how to care for your mouth after the tooth extraction. It is very important to follow these instructions closely to ensure that you keep your mouth clean and free from infection while it heals. If you have any questions while you are healing, do not be afraid to call and ask the dentist.

Make an Effort to Stop the Bleeding

The gums surrounding your extracted tooth will bleed a lot. The dentist should give you some gauze to keep in your mouth to try to stop the bleeding. Keeping gauze in your mouth for at least an hour after the procedure should encourage a blood clot to form, which will prevent further bleeding. If the gauze gets too dirty, you can change it out with a new piece until the bleeding stops.

Take It Easy

Do not schedule anything else on the day of your tooth extraction. You should rest for the duration of the day to speed up the healing process. Put ice packs near the point of extraction to reduce swelling. You should not eat anything for at least two hours after the procedure. When you get hungry, you should only eat soft foods so you do not accidentally injure the area. Do not eat solid foods until the anesthetic is completely out of your system.

Rinse with Salt Water

You should rinse your mouth out with warm salt water a few times after the procedure to keep it clean and reduce your risk for infection. Start the process about 12 hours after the surgery and continue it two or three times a day until your mouth heals.


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