Tips for Brushing Your Dentures

With the proper care, dentures offer long-lasting results that help you regain the use of your mouth. In between visits to the Atlanta dentist, you should use the following tips to brush your dentures and keep them clean and looking great:

Whenever you remove your dentures from your mouth, you should do it carefully. Hold them over a folded towel or a sink full of water so you do not drop them and damage them. Use a toothbrush designed for dentures to clear off food and plaque and to prevent permanent stains. Use a specialized denture cleaner to make sure the dentures are clean enough for continued use. When you are not wearing the dentures, it is imperative to keep them moist so they do not dry out.

If you need dentures, you should find a quality dentist who will create some custom replacement teeth that really fit in your mouth. When your dentures fit properly, it is much easier to keep them in top condition.


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