What to Do If You Fracture a Tooth

I f you experien ce a dental emergency, fast action can help you through the pai n until you can schedule an appointment for emergency dental care . Tooth fractures are common injuries that require immediat e attentio n. Keep reading to learn what to do if you fracture a tooth:

As soon as you realize that you have fractured a tooth, you should find the missing piece and call for an appointment with the emergency dentist in Atlanta. Biting down on a hard piece of candy or food, falling, and getting a facial injury can all be responsible for fracturing a tooth. Sometimes fractures are not painful, but they always require the attention of an oral health professional.

Find a dentist that you can trust so you know you have someone to help you in case of a dental emergency like a fractured tooth. When you can trust your dentist, you can work together to find the best way to clean and care for your teeth to maintain a beautiful smile.


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