Coping with a Dental Emergency

If you experience a dental emergency, fast action can help you get the care you need and possibly save a tooth. Keep reading to learn what to do in the following situations until you can schedule an appointment with the emergency dentist :

A Bad Toothache

If one of your teeth hurts, it is usually a sign of a larger issue. You might be suffering from an infection in the gums or from tooth decay, which could lead to more serious oral issues. If you are suffering with a toothache, you should not just ignore the pain. Schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist in Atlanta to get the attention you need as soon as possible.

A Lost Tooth

Losing a tooth is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. If you damage or knock out one of your teeth, the way you handle it affects how well the dentist can repair it. Place a lost tooth or the damaged part into milk or saline solution until you can get in to see the emergency dentist. This gives the dentist a better chance of saving the tooth. The faster you can see a dentist, the better chance you have of regaining the use of your natural tooth.

A Loose Crown

The dentist sets you up with crowns and fillings to prevent further decay from destroying your teeth. If one of your crowns or fillings feels loose, it is important to schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible to get the attention you need. In a short amount of time, the emergency dentist can restore the crown or filling and give you back the protection that you need to fight against further decay and cavities.

During a dental emergency, you should always schedule an appointment with a dentist. Even if you feel like the pain will go away on its own, you should still see an oral health professional to ensure that you do not have any larger issues. An emergency dentist could prevent you from completely losing your tooth or suffering another more serious issue.


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