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We are proud to have served the Marietta, GA for over 35 years, we take pride in providing the highest-level care to all of our patients. We are able to care for all of our patients needs under one roof without ever having to outsource or use an offsite location to perform any procedures or fabricate any prosthesis. We are a family-owned business and cherish the opportunity to not only treat each patient, but also the opportunity to create relationships that last a lifetime; from the minute you walk into our doors, you become part of the family.

We care deeply about the quality of care we provide, and the price we are able to do it at. We are the go-to choice for dental care in Marietta, GA because patients know when they choose us they are receiving the best care at the best price. We believe dental care should not cost an arm and leg which is why we charge less to begin with and also work with a number of insurance providers and offer numerous financing options.

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If you’re missing teeth, full mouth dental implants are, without a doubt, the best way to replace them. The beauty of full mouth dental implants lies in they’re ability to preserve jaw health and density. They are anchored to the jawbone by posts that keep the jaw from recessing and shifting once the natural teeth replaced. With full arch implants, patients enjoy a healthy smile with implants that are completely indistinguishable from the natural teeth they still enjoy.
Dental implants are the most versatile way for patients to replace missing teeth. Whether they need to replace just one missing or damaged teeth, or a whole arch, dental implants are designed to be able to fit whatever need the patient has. Where dentures sit on top of the jaw and allow for the patients facial structure to change, dental implants are anchored by posts that sit directly inside the bone and ensuring the patients facial structure will remain the same for the entirety of their life.
When it comes to replacing multiple teeth, full arch dental implants may be outside of the budget for some patients and that’s ok, zirconia fixed bridges return oral health to patients while offering a break for their wallet. This, however, does not mean that this is a “cheap” alternative, our bridges are made from high-grade zirconia that look identical to real teeth. The main difference between zirconia fixed bridges and full mouth dental implants is that full mouth dental implants replace each missing tooth individually, whereas fixed bridges are made from one piece of solid zirconia.

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